Cushy operate, congenial seated position. Vigor sustain.

A true hybrid. The Trailz Enlightened electric bike completely and instantaneously merges your human pedal puissance with the capable power of our Currie Electro-Drive structure. You will expose yourself cycling faster, at a greater distance and with greater easy. Utilizing the most technologically higher "TTM" torque measurement design structures, the on-board computer fits together machine achievement your own human output, at the might position you select.
The ZIP Trailz Enlightened electro bike is calculated for plush, not difficult and cycling cycling on the routes or on the trail. using an adjustable pedal sustain structure, you choose from five ranks of operated by electricity power support. The I Urban Cruisers electric bike stealth design embeds the top load Lithium battery parcel and command electronics in the mounting for big shells, while furnishing incomparable equipoise and conducting characteristics.
The electric bike model IZIP Trailz Enlightened incorporates a 6061 aluminum frame, 8-speed hind derailleur system, alloy fore suspension fork and suspension seat post, front disk breaks and hi-rise cruiser bars for complete upended positioning. Weighing in at only 50lbs, the IZIP Trailz Enlightened electric bicycle is one of the lightest full size electro bicycles on the store today.

Key Features:
  *Plush, Easy Riding Comfort Bike Design with Modern Electric Hybrid Performance
  *24V/10Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack with Advanced Battery Management System for High Performance and Light Weight
  *Patented TMM System with "Intelligent" Power Assist and Hub Motor
  *Real Transportation at Speeds up to 15 mph/ 24 km/h and Range up to 23-30 Miles / 38 - 48 km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)

IZIP Trailz Enlightened for Men and Women

IZIP Trailz Electric Bike for Men
IZIP Trailz Electric Bike for Women

Currie Tech IZIP Trailz Enlightened Man
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Currie Tech IZIP Trailz Enlightened Woman
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